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Family business turns recycled tyres into versatile outdoor flooring for three exciting projects in 2018.

1. Landscaping

A garden project in Brixham has been given an eco-friendly and colourful boost using recycled rubber chippings from Safer Surfacing. The Mayflower Garden project created a river flowing around a large central anchor. Pride in Brixham selected blue 20mm rubber chipping to create the river effect.

A key feature of the rubber chipping is the polyurethane colour coating. The coating means the colour lasts for many years.

Made from recycled car tyres, the 20mm chippings have 99.9% of all metal removed in the recycling process.

Safer Surfacing helped identify the right product when Pride In Brixham first enquired.

“Safer Surfacing are a delight to deal with, they were very helpful! Their rubber chippings look amazing!” – Mrs. Savage

If you are in the Brixham area be sure to pop along to the gardens – they are a real treat and well worth a look.

2. Bowling Greens

Safer Surfacing makes rubber chippings from recycled car, van and lorry tyres, all products are 100% made in Britain from rubber that would otherwise be incinerated or even landfilled overseas. The product is simple to install and creates a cushion to protect woods.

Key benefits

The rubber chippings will improve the drainage in the ditch as they allow water to soak through. Lasting for many years without rotting or decomposing, the chippings are efficient and cost-effective.

How do we install it?

Installation could not be simpler! Decant the recycled rubber chippings from the bulk bag into a wheelbarrow. Then tip it into place in your ditches around the bowling green. You can level them with a rake, brush, or a good old pair of boots! Installation is that simple!

3. Play Areas

Safer Surfacing were delighted to be asked by Dee Point Primary School in Blacon, Chester to replace their play areas with recycled resin bound rubber bark.

The two areas were using conventional wood bark that had become soggy. This meant that the children couldn’t use the play areas as it was just too messy. The wood chip was also an issue when it spilled into the actual playground.

The team at Dee Point Primary were keen to retain the natural look of wood chippings so we used our recycled rubber bark.

The end result is a natural looking, safety compliant, all-weather play surface that the school loves! Dave Williams – Head of Dee Point Primary School said “The surface looks brilliant, thank you, and the children were delighted to be testing it out!!”

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