Putting Value Back into End of Life Materials


It is all of our responsibility to ensure discarded materials are repurposed responsible. That is why we don’t shy away from ‘difficult’ materials.



100,000 tyres are scrapped daily in the UK. See how Endurmeta are putting these to good use.



We would love to see the end of single use plastic production. Until then, we’re fighting hard to revalue it.



Virtually every metal can be recycled and reused in new products. Work with us to give used metal new life.


In 2008, 98% of carpet waste went to landfill. 400,000 tonnes is produced a year, this is a huge environmental issue.


A Scandinavian way of thinking

The Swedes are so good at recycling they’re importing waste from other countries. They have seen the value of waste and have turned it into a huge commodity. This is a philosophy Endurmeta is trailblazing in the UK in conjunction with our Icelandic partner Sindraport.


An honest approach

75% of materials we handle are reused, recycled and remanufactured within our own group. What we cannot process in house goes to one of our trusted sources to be re-used within manufacturing.


An ingrained purpose

Join the #revalue revolution. Endurmeta can work with you to identify and meet your needs to find a way for your waste to be revalued.


A flexible solution

We are proud of our innovative, flexible approach to our customer’s problems. We tackle projects with passion and determination, to ensure the UK’s waste is reused in the most sustainable way possible, and dealt with here in the UK.


Revalue The Earth

The family behind Endurmeta have worked in the recycling industry for over 25 years. Our Icelandic partner company has been handed down over 3 generations. We have the experience, passion and flexibility to meet your needs.